Best Friends Kennels

We have Warm Hearts for Cold Noses

Brussels Griffons - Maltese - Yorkshire Terriers
Local to Phoenix, Az
Delivery Available Nationwide

Welcome to our little patch of heaven that we call Best Friends Kennels

For over 30 years, our family has been dedicated to raising toy and teacup purebred and purebred cross puppies in the heart of rural Arizona for primarily the Phoenix area. What began as a heartfelt passion for our mom Teri has blossomed into a family-run business that my sister Abby and I are proud to manage alongside her expert guidance. Together, we have taken our love for puppies beyond Phoenix and are pleased to offer careful hand-delivery nationwide.

Our journey started with a love for these tiny, spirited companions and a deep commitment to their well-being. From the early days of helping our mom care for the puppies as kids, we've grown into a team that values ethical breeding practices and the emotional well-being of each and every puppy we raise. Our homes are filled with love, and our puppies receive the best care from the moment they are born. We know their personalities like the backs of our hands and can match you with just the right furry friend.

When you welcome one of our precious little ones into your home and heart, you receive more than just a companion. Each pup leaves our care with health care records showing his or her up to date vaccinations and parasite prevention treatments, a puppy food starter pack, and a comfort toy/blanket that smells like home. Each and every one is also protected by our Two-Year Health Guarantee and Lifetime Phone Support. We are very confident in the health of the puppies we place and our affection for them lasts a lifetime.

With love, from my family to yours,
- Naphtali