We send each pup off with a little care package containing:

1, Their pedigree and/or copies of their parents' registrations.
2. Written health records detailing vaccinations and parasite prevention treatments.
3. A starter food kit to ease the transition to the puppy food of your choice and to help make sure your pup gets the nutrition he/she needs.
4. A stuffed toy or small blanket carrying the scent of their family in order to comfort them the first few nights in their new home.

Most importantly, each pup is also accompanied by:

5. Our written and signed Two Year Health Guarantee,
6. The added reassurance and protection of Lifetime Phone Support.

With years of expertise, we've encountered it all, making us your reliable resource for help with any questions or concerns for the lifetime well-being of your furry friend. Feel free to reach out anytime. We're just a call away.

In an emergency, we ask that you call repeatedly first to Teri at (928)651-2474 then to Naphtali at (480)747-8053