Our Puppy Nanny Delivery service is careful hand delivery from our arms to yours by an individual who has been trained to care for your "baby" on their journey to their new home and equipped to handle any emergencies that may arise. A puppy is very much like a baby in that it needs special care and attention, particularly during stressful transitional times. Crate shipping is traumatic emotionally and dangerous physically for the fragile little ones and, therefore, not an option for our pups.

Some of our puppies are offered with delivery already factored into the adoption fee. Otherwise, the cost of the puppy nanny service varies based on a number of factors such as location, but it generally includes the following.

  • The cost of a round trip plane ticket out of Phoenix to your desired airport for puppy pickup
  • A one-way pet ticket (usually $100-125 depending on the airline)
  • Compensation directly to the puppy nanny at the rate of:
    • $20/hour travel time calculated from when the outbound flight is scheduled to take off till when the return flight is scheduled to land
    • $100 base pay to cover arriving early to the airport as well as their transportation or parking fees.