We use a hybrid crate-training method to get our puppies off to a good start. They have a devoted bathroom area separate from their living area. Dogs don't like to potty in their "bedrooms" which is why crate training works so well.  We designed our puppies' living areas in such a way as to lay the foundation for potty training success from birth.

Upon settling into their new homes, the potty-training process continues as you teach your pup where the new "bathroom" is. We have tips and tricks for how to do this. Watch our informative videos How To Outside Potty Train or How to Litter Box Potty Train. During the care and feeding portion of the adoption process we try to cover all the important points, but this adjustment period can still be a bit perplexing. We offer guidance via our Lifetime Phone Support. Feel free to reach out by call or text with any questions or concerns.