Certified purse puppy.

  • Size: MicroTeacup
  • Weight at One Year: Estimated 2-3.5lbs

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7/2 Update

Jade is almost 9 weeks now and only weighs a tiny 11oz! We won't be letting her out of our sight anytime soon and not until she is thoroughly vet checked for any health issues related to her extremely small size. She is quite literally off the charts in small-ness and our best guess is that she will be 2, maybe 3 lbs. A deposit will reserve her and be refundable should any health issues be discovered but her future family will need to wait patiently for her to be ready to come home. We estimate another 8-10 weeks before then.

6/19 Update

Jade is now almost 7 weeks and only 10.5oz! Her weight is right on track to be a microteacup at likely 2.5lbs but up to 4.5lbs. She has ears that stand up beautifully. If we didn't know better, we would think she was a purebred yorkie. She is a gorgeous pup with just a hint of Maltese white accenting the corners of her eyes. That said, one of the best things about purebred cross puppies, is they are typically healthier. The mix of the two genetic pools allows them to take the best from both of their parents and avoid the health issues common to purebreds.

She is spunky and full of life but we won't be letting her go anytime soon. When a puppy is as small as she is, we typically hold onto them until at least 16 weeks.  The teensiest of the tinies need special care and supervision. A deposit will reserve her (refundable in the case of the discovery of any health issues) and lock in the current price but she won't be leaving our tender loving care for at least a few more months. Before going to her new home, she will be checked thoroughly by a vet to be given a clean bill of health. Stay tuned for updated photos, weights and pricing! If her weight stays small, her adoption fee will increase as she becomes more and more likely to be closer to 2lbs than 4lbs.

5/30 Update

Jade at 4 weeks is still on track to be in the 2.5-5lb range! If her weights stay so small she may end up being a micro teacup.


Jade was 3 weeks for her first photoshoot! She weighed just 7oz. Based on this number, she is projected to be as small as 2.5lbs up to 5.5lbs. We can't wait to see if we have an itty-bitty teacup on our hands.

Weight 5/23: 0lb 7oz

Weight 5/30: 0lb 8oz

Weight 6/19: 0lb 10.5oz

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