A charmer with one ear up and one down!

$2050 $2250
  • Size: Toy
  • Weight at One Year: Estimated 5-6.5lbs

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Our Scrappy Boy has grown up a lot in maturity but not much in size! He prefers to be called just Scrappy now. While he still loves to play with his siblings and friends, he has grown quite fond of humans. He would much rather cuddle than play fight and yips pitifully when he wants attention. It's quite endearing. We recommend him to anyone who wants a devoted companion who prefers their company (and lap) above all else.


The only way to describe this little man is FEISTY! He is a playful little rascal with a lot of confidence. He loves to scrap and has earned his name. At just a month old he is a very brave little boy already. He pounces on wiggly fingers and gnaws gently but soon loses interest unless they try to escape. For him, the fun is in the chase, not the chewing - which is what we like to see for the sake of your shoes

Weight @ 4 weeks and 2 days: 1lb 2oz

Weight @ 5 weeks and 3 days: 1 lb 5.5oz

Weight @ 7 weeks: 1lb 10oz

Weight @ 8 weeks and 2 days: 1lb 12.5oz

Estimated size at one year: 5-6.5lbs Toy

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Our puppies go to their new homes with their medical records showing up to date vaccinations and parasite prevention treatments, their pedigrees and/or parents' registrations, a starter food kit, a comfort blankie that smells like their family, our Two-Year Health Guarantee, and Lifetime Phone Support. We have over 30 years of experience with dogs of all ages. We are available for any questions or concerns you may have - even years down the road. We love our puppies for life πŸΆπŸ’•

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