Pint-sized Warrior Princess

  • Size: Mini
  • Weight at One Year: Estimated 9-11lbs

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Even as a pup, this little girl loves to play fight. She gnaws gently on wiggly fingers and wrestles with her siblings. She promises to have a confident personality to go with her good looks. She is calm in your arms (for now in your hands really) but scrappy when given the opportunity - the perfect balance of cuddly and curious with a hint of feist.

Her coloring is a beautiful, almost brindle with a splash of white on her chin and chest - a salute to her not too ancient English Toy Spaniel ancestors. It is very unusual and makes her a unique member of her breed.

Weight at 4 weeks: 1lb 12 oz

Weight at 5 weeks: 2lb 2oz

Weight at 6 weeks: 2lb 8oz

Weight at 7 weeks: 2lb 9.5oz

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