Curls that Goldilocks says are just right

  • Size: Toy
  • Weight at One Year: Estimated 6-8lbs

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Teddy is a momma's boy and inherited a touch of her soft curls and likely their more hypoallergenic qualities. He also got her sweet and affectionate personality. He is a cuddly boy who lies contentedly on his back when you hold him in your hands. On his feet, he is very affectionate and was difficult to photograph as he kept running up to like my face, ergo why my hand is holding him back in almost every photo. He is very, very sweet boy. 

Teddy and his siblings have champion blood in them from their handsome Maltese dad's side. 

Weight @ 4 weeks and 1 day: 1lb 5oz 

Weight @ 5 weeks and 1 day: 1lb 7.5oz

Weight @ 5 weeks and 6 days: 1lb 11.5oz 

Estimated size at one year: 6.5-8.5lbs Toy

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